Leaves Three Ways

The analog world , the world of fish and mud and trees and sunshine, awaits!

Chances are you can see it past your computer screen, through your window.

Go ahead, take a walk outside and try some art:  with this free download you (and your kids)  can print a leaf that looks as if you spent hours working on it.  Only you will know it took a five-minute walk in the sunshine, some ink and some paper…oh yes, and a leaf!

And leaves aren’t the only thing you can print….

School of Butterfish, 1 fish 15 times 12 x 12 inches

Do let me know what you think of this chapter.  It’s one of 10 in the book I’m working on now.  The other chapters show you how to print with sunshine, print fish (really!), and use the new Foldscope  microscope to create art.

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